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Speed is one thing...

We have devised an advanced methodology to not only assure you of quick progress, but by using advanced learning techniques, you will retain it ... for what use is learning without remembering it easily?


More than 110,000
users Worldwide

Your Device, Your Choice

When learning something new you need to know you can do it anytime, anywhere, and on any device. A quick grab on the subway or bus, a longer session on a drive, or a session in front the television.  Any device, any time ... that is our pledge.

10 million

Sentences learned
and counting

This is No Stiff University, But a Progressive Learning Institute

Our team developed this program for those who want the formal process of a university, the training from world-class educators, and the platform to deliver it all with new learning methods that save you time and effort. It’s a university for the new world.

The Method Behind the Program

(boring but necessary for you)

We combine university education standards and cutting edge training methods.

We have obtained years of research, data, and feedback from over 100,000 students in close collaboration with the British Language Centre to develop a program that simply works.

The cooperation of our team and these world-class institutions means IEU English programs are the most advanced and efficient platforms available today. We monitor, study, implement and integrate current research on language training, accelerated learning, and education methods into our programs.

The British Language Centre is a leading Adult Language Education Centre with multiple facilities, and an official English Language Testing Centre for London’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trinity College London, and Pearson, the largest Educational company in the world, which is part of the Financial Times Group.

  • Phrases & conversations

  • Selected articles and interesting dialogues

  • Grammar

  • Tests

Learning can be fun, easy, and natural.

Yes, it’s true.

Did you know that as a baby, you have a natural instinct to learn. When you are in your formative first years as a child in the world, you learn to think and communicate in your native language and easily and intuitively understand grammar and its rules. It’s at this point that any attempts at new languages are learned in relationship to the way you learned your mother tongue.

Think about this for a moment. Your first eyes and windows to understanding the world around you, and defining and learning the language attached to that world is at the core of your unique learning system.

The question is - What if learning could be easier the second time around by tapping into what you already know?

That is what we do here at the International English University We show you how to learn in your natural, unique way.

Our program entails proprietary methods and a unique platform to enable your natural learning style to come through, including specially developed training algorithms

Our NCLP Activator (neurocognitive linguistic predisposition) taps your natural-born ability to learn a language. Our PSR method (practised spaced repetition) embeds the language deeply so it becomes part of you and not lost between sessions. Additionally there is the PIN wiring algorithm (practice intuitively in novel ways).

Learning language - any language - is a step into your future. Our tools make it easier to get there.

Why we struggle to learn language:

4 reasons to learn a new language:

The Benefits of our Proven Courses

A second language is one of the most important life skills you can acquire. It will allow you to do business across the globe, travel, and explore. One benefit not spoken of commonly is the health benefits such as:

  • Better cognitive flexibility
  • Improves memory
  • Hones listening skills
  • Increases attention and decision-making
  • Increases multi-tasking skills

Learning a language is sexy and cool, AND it pays ...

Start your path to freedom with us now!

Where to start

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    Start Learning

Deciding is sometimes the hardest part. Make it easy on yourself and ask this question...

Do I desire all the benefits that are about to come to me when I start THIS program?

That is the art of momentum: make a decision and GET GOING.

Pick one of our flexible plans. It’s really that simple.

What happens next is magic...the magic that you have committed to your own life. We provide the resources that you plug into, along with the learning methodology to help you nurture your own success.

Learning a language can be fun, interesting, and easy. We have developed an exceptional program that makes it so. It simply requires you to bring your goals and dreams to the experience so that together we can guide you, mentor you, and ensure that learning English is the experience you had always hoped it could be.

Put aside your self doubts.

Take the first step and DECIDE, pick the plan, and let’s start on your new future.

Go from being a complete beginner to becoming a proficient speaker easily.



Embrace your new life now, speak fluently and open your future up wide!


Our students’ successes and volume speak for your future accomplishments

You have an old walkman? No, but ...

Optimized for streamed delivery on ANY DEVICE (other than a walkman)

Studies show that studies matter!

That is why we incorporate the latest research into accelerated learning into our programs.

3 minutes!

That’s all it takes to sign up and start your journey.

Full Immersion Level Program

Perfect for everyday life with bite-sized lessons optimized
for streamed delivery on ANY DEVICE.

Learning English will take you anywhere in the world.

(or help your opportunities at home)

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Learn the way you learn, not the way others teach.

Our science-backed, educational neuroscience or neuroeducation approach that enables you to take in and then use language in a natural and easy way, and not just words, but sentences and in conversations - real world stuff.

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Student will receive a Certificate of Completion from the International English University recognized by many global corporations.

Proof our Technique Works

Hear from one of our Students

Hear from one of our Students

Hear from one of our Professors

I totally recommend it. For several weeks now I have actually wanted to sit down at my computer at home and study.

Adriana (age 35), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thanks to this I passed the TOEFL examination without which I would not be able to get a Student’s Visa to the USA.

Selviana (age 19), Jakarta, Indonesia

Thanks to the International Language University I was able to brush up on my English and finally pass IELTS which is recognized by all Universities in Australia and I study in Sydney now.

Cheruy (age 21), Montignies-Sur-Sambre, Belgium

Thanks to this course I can now travel the world without stress of not being able to communicate whether I’m boarding a plane, meeting new people or checking into a hotel.

Anders (age 16), Hvalstad, Norway

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  • 10 Million +

    Sentences learned and counting

  • 45

    Countries so far

  • 110,000 +

    users and counting

Go from being a complete beginner to becoming a proficient speaker easily.