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Upon completion of each Course Level, (there are 6 levels and 6 Certificates), you may sit for examination of your Mastery of the Unit. Our students are most thoroughly prepared for these Online exams that you can undertake numerous time. There exam results & Certificates are available on the Student dashboard to Access + download your authorised IEU Natural Immersion Technique®, Certificate of Proficiency in English.

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Maria S | Intermediate Level
Completed 4 units

I wanted a course to improve my english before I went overseas to study and hopefully find a new Job. Excellent & fun Course

Raul H. | Advanced
Completed 6 units

I needed to prepare for my TOEFL exams for work and needed an good application to practice and test my english at an advanced level. The course was perfect for this - Lots of tests and tutorials. Easy to follow

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